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Title: $$$ Grudge Racing and Test-n-Tune. $$$
When: 05.04.2013 18:00 - 01:00
Description: $$$ Grudge Racing and Test-n-Tune. $$$

$100+ Going to 3 different Classes of Street Cars and $100 to the fastest car or truck pass of the night!

Must have a Car Number on the Car and What Class your running to be in for the $$$.

Car number plus;
SC for Street Car
SLICK for Slick







We need this on the FRONT WINDSHIELD to keep everything organized. We have shoe polish at the track.

$100 to the fastest street car on street tires. (No Race DOT's - Street tire only, Head-Tail lights, No Back Half,
Tag, ECT... Daily Driver Street Car Only! If you have to ask your probably not qualified!)

$125 to the fastest DOT Drag Tire Street Car. (Head-Tail lights, Stock looking Front Interior, No Back Half, Tag, No wheelie bars, ECT..)

$150 to the fastest Slick Tire Street Car. (Head-Tail lights, Back Half OK, Stock looking Front Interior, No wheelie bars, Tag)

$100 to the fastest car or truck pass of the night. (No Rules)

You can only win 1 class except for the fastest pass of the night!

Times cut off at 11 pm for the money. We'll validate the cars after 11pm.

Gates open at 6pm.
Racing at 7:30pm - 1:00am.
Only $8 to watch + $5 race!
12 and under Free.

Any questions email me @
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