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Rule Book Disclaimer


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.  These rules govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are required to comply with these rules.  NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANT OF SAFETY WILL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS.  They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport of Drag Racing and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official. 




Any interpretation of deviation of these rules will be left to the discretion of the officials of Jakes Dragstrip.


General Rule Statement


Any driver or crew member who is considered to be under the influence of any drug, alcohol, or any other judgment impairing substance will not be allowed to race.




Violators endangering others with reckless and inconsiderate driving habits (whether it is in/on a race vehicle or pit vehicle) will be expelled from the race facility with the entire crew and race vehicle.  Upon entering the race, racers agree to abide by the aforesaid rules and that all interpretation of rules, questions, or protests will be left up to the starter, staging official, or tech personnel.  Their decision will be final.  PROTESTS TAKEN TO THE TOWER WILL NOT BE ALLOWED!




Dial-ins and car numbers must be on passenger side of car and on the passenger front window.  Poorly written dial-ins will not be accepted.  Tower personnel must be able to read dial-ins at all times. Please use this number for the remainder of the season.  It will help tower staff as they enter racers into the computer.  Contestant may change dial-ins between rounds.  All dial-ins must be on your car and cannot be changed once you are motioned into the water box. The competitors dial-in will be visible on the score-boards.


If you feel a dial-in is entered incorrectly, DO NOT PRE-STAGE YOUR CAR until you are sure the dial-in is entered correctly.  Once you have PRE-staged your car, there will be no re-run. 


Once you have PRE-staged your vehicle, you are accepting race conditions “as is”.  After this point, no other consideration will be given.


All PRO bracket events will have cross talk option enabled.




No burnouts past the starting line unless stated otherwise.  No burnouts may start until motioned by a Jakes starting line personnel!


Staging Lanes


Once entering into staging lanes and class begins to run, you must remain in that lane.  When staging lanes empty, and one lane remains, the first car up will have lane choice, unless there is a bye car, then that car has lane choice.  In final money rounds consisting of 4 cars or less, cars lined up in the same lane will have to agree on lane choice.  If this cannot be determined, a coin toss will determine lane choice.  Do not come to the staging lanes until your class is called.  It is your responsibility to listen to the PA system for class call. Time only can run during time trials with respective class.  Deep staging will be allowed only with “DEEP” written on car.


Vehicle Staging


If one racer lights the pre-stage, his or her opponent has 20 seconds to pre-stage. Once one person stages their car the other has 10 seconds to stage. Racers will be given adequate time at the discretion of the starter.




Should a driver receive a red-light foul start and the opposing driver should cross the lane boundary line, the latter infraction would prevail and the driver committing the foul start would be reinstated.  In determining lane boundary crossing violations, it is considered a disqualification when any portion of a tire completely crosses the painted center line.  In cases where both opponents cross the centerline or cutout guard wall, both drivers will be disqualified.  Anytime it has been judged that excessive braking has resulted in loss of control that results in contact with the guardwall and/or light fixtures, or crossing the center boundary lines, the contestant will be disqualified.  Contact with barriers, or any other track fixture (rubber cones, when used, are considered visual aids not fixtures) is grounds for disqualification and/or other actions.  Intentional crossing of boundary lines to leave the track or avoid depositing debris on the track is not grounds for disqualification.




There will be a buy back 1st or 2nd round of PRO, FOOT BRAKE AND MOTORCYCLE/ATV/JR bracket events.  If 2nd round buybacks are purchased, only 1st time losers in the 2nd round will be allowed to buy back.  Buy backs MUST be purchased prior to the start of the next round.  Any participant that makes a pass (accepts the tree) without having purchased the buyback run, will be disqualified immediately from the event.


Class Rules


The following section is intended to outline the class rules and regulations for each class.


All Classes


Nothing allowed on the door side windows or windshields that would impair drivers vision.  Category dial and drivers name are allowed. 

One functional taillight must be visible to the starter and must be on when you stage. Driver will not be allowed to run if taillight is not on. 




.500 Full Tree

Roll cage mandatory in all cars running 6.99 or quicker.

Full bodied car, unaltered from firewall rearward (wheel tubs permitted).  6.39 to 6.99 roll bar permitted in place of cage.

All cars running 6.99 or quicker must be equipped with SFI spec 16.1, 3-inch restraint system (date labeled), including crotch strap. 

Seat belt mandatory in all cars.

Automatic Trans. must be equipped with a spring-loaded positive reverse lockout devise & functional neutral safety switch mandatory.

All drivers running 6.99 or quicker must wear a helmet meeting SNELL or SFI specifications. Helmets are encouraged for all!

Driveshaft loop recommended on all cars utilizing slicks.

Hub caps & trim rings must be removed.

No tool boxes in trunk, all items in trunk must be securely fastened or removed.

1 pint minimum catch-can mandatory for coolant overflow.

Parachutes: Required at 150 mph or faster, no matter the e.t.


Foot Brake


.500 Full Tree

Foot Brake Only, Trans Brake Prohibited

Single Stage rev limited only.  One step only HIGH or LOW

7.59 or quicker cars must wear a helmet meeting SNELL or SFI specifications.

Seat belt mandatory in all cars, SFI 16.1 highly recommended.  No matter what is used it must be installed correctly.

Driveshaft loop recommended on all cars utilizing slicks.

Hub caps & trim rings must be removed.

No tool boxes in trunk, all items in trunk must be securely fastened or removed.

1 pint minimum catch-can mandatory for coolant overflow.

Delay boxes or other electronic devices not legal in these classes can not be in these cars during competition.  If these devices are found to be in vehicle during competition, that would include the staging lanes before first round of elimination, you will be disqualified from event. 

Turn your AC off before coming to the water box!




Full-face helmet with shield meeting M2000 - M2005 – K2005 – SA2000 – SA2005  SFI 31.2A or 41.2A mandatory.

Full leathers mandatory on Motorcycles running quicker than 120 MPH SFI Spec 40.114


Jr. Dragster


All cars MUST have helmet bars

Your best source for the detailed safety, general guidelines, and bracket racing requirements for 2010 is the 2010 NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League Rulebook.


Bye Run Determinations


Bye runs are determined by the fastest reaction time.  In the event of a tie, closest ET to dial-in will decide the bye run.  Once you have received a bye, you are not eligible for another until all remaining competitors have also had a bye.


Tech Cards


Every driver must fill out a tech card for each class he or she participates in.  All tech cards must be completely filled out, or it will not be accepted by the tech official.  All tech cards must be signed by the driver. Driver's may NOT drive another persons car without purchasing and completely filling out a tech card for that vehicle. Tech cards are NOT transferable. Please turn your Tech Cards into the concessions window. 




From time to time problems may occur that require a re-run in eliminations.  It is the sole discretion of the starter to allow re-runs for situations that may occur on the starting line.   It is the policy of Jakes Dragstrip to re-run pairs in the event of a computer malfunction or other uncontrollable circumstances whenever possible.  These re-runs will be determined by the tower personnel. Each situation is different, and will be dealt with in the most fair and expeditious manner possible.  You can not change your dial, it must remain the same for the re-run.


Time Trials


Every effort will be made to provide a fair amount of time trials for each racer before eliminations.  There is no guarantee on the number of sessions offered.  Jakes will have NO scheduled rain dates.


Time Between Rounds


When only two classes remain in competition the following rule will come into effect. Upon last pair of cars leaving starting line, next class will start approximately 10 minutes later. This should give ample time for cars that are double entered or cars that require a little more attention to return to the staging lanes.


ATV’s, Scooters, and Tow Vehicles


No one under the age of 16 is allowed to operate these vehicles at any time. ATV’s and scooters are not to be used as recreational vehicles in the facility.  Anyone doing so will be asked to park the vehicle. 


Rain-Out Policy


If rain or other inclement weather begins after an event has started.  We will not cancel the event until there is not enough time to complete the event.  If 1st round is complete, the purse will be split between remaining participants and the race will be deemed complete.  If you lost first round and bought back into competition, your buyback money will be refunded and you will not be part of the splitting of the pot. A rain-out will also be called if other circumstances exist that bar completion of the race; I.E. computer failure, etc.  There will be NO cash refunds, only rain checks.  Test and tunes will have no refunds or rain checks.  No spectator refunds will be given!  If forecast is calling for inclement weather: Friday race will be called by 6:00 pm and Saturday race will be called by 4:00 pm.  There will be NO scheduled rain dates.


Refund Policy


If a competitor breaks on or before their first time trial they will receive a refund worth the amount of their tech card.


If a competitor breaks before the first cars stage for "Run for the Money", they will receive a refund worth the amount of the "Run for the Money" entry fee.


If a 1st or 2nd round "Buy Back" competitor breaks before the first cars stage for their current round, they will receive a refund worth the amount of the "Buy Back" fee.




In the event of any uncontrollable cancelation prior to or during any attraction, no cash refunds will be made.  Rain checks will be honored for the next scheduled points race.  If the event is stopped by weather, etc. at the end of the first round of competition, the even will be considered complete.


Participant Conduct


These rules apply to all racers, pit crew, and spectators alike.  Please conduct yourself in a professional manner.  There will be NO ALCOHOL allowed in the staging lanes.  Absolutely NO glass bottles allowed in the staging lanes.  No firearms or weapons are allowed on the grounds.  If it comes to our attention that these items exist, you will be turned over to local authorities.  Any person who does not abide by these rules will be asked to leave the facility and face further suspension from future events.



We hope you enjoy your season of racing at Jakes Dragstrip!

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